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Shows the number of reachable A node is considered reachable when a connection to it could be established. Bitcoin nodes that provide a particular network service.

Description of network services:

  • Network nodes are capable of serving the entire block chain
  • Limited Network nodes can serve data from the last 288 blocks, i.e., roughly two days worth of block chain data (cf. signaling part of BIP159). Since (non-limited) network nodes can by definition serve data from the last 288 blocks, this category includes network nodes.
  • Bloom Filter nodes can handle bloom-filtered connections (cf. BIP37)
  • Witness nodes can be queried for blocks and transactions including witness data (cf. BIP141)
  • Compact Filter nodes are capable of handling block filter requests (cf. BIP157 and BIP158)
  • V2 Transport nodes support encrypted P2P connections, P2P bandwidth improvements and the ability to negotiate upgrades (cf. BIP324)
The data displayed in the chart is licensed under AGPL and freely available on GitHub.